BCM School Health Program focuses on improving Nutrition and health status of the children which can establish healthy eating behaviour and mental health. The patterns of behaviour that form in the teen carry over into adulthood and impact our overall health.

    These programmes are designed for the grade Nursery - XII.
    These includes:
  1. Menu Planning: Every month sample was designed and uploaded on student profile home classes Nur to 12th to plan balanced meal for students.
  2. Handwashing Sanitation: It is done to prevent diseases that spreads due to unhygienic hands and to promote health through better Sanitation and hygiene.
  3. Health checkups: Regular health checkups are done by school medical officer with collaboration with doctors (from GTB hospital).
  4. Life skills sessions: A group of psychosocial competencies and interpersonal skills were explained by School Counsellor to help students to manage healthy and happy life.
  5. Nutrition week: A designed programs to explain the importance of nutrition and health for everyone.
  6. Mental Health week: A designed to program to raise awareness regarding mental health issues around the world and to mobilize efforts in support of mental health.


It is designed for class Nur to XII. Under this a well-balanced sample menu for a week was uploaded on student profile to help the students to choose balanced diet for balanced life.


  1. It helps the students to eat nutritious diet and reduces the risk of consuming unhealthy food items.
  2. Health Status of the child well improve if they practicing eating habits according to the sample menu.

Handwashing & Sanitation

It is designed for Class Nur to XII to Raise the awareness of hand hygiene to students.


  1. It reduces the spreading of germs, which helps to reduce the transmission of illness.
  2. It also helps prevent diarrhea and respiratory infections and may even prevent skin and eye infections help prevent skin and eye infections.
Activity done in the form of Handwashing techniques with 7 steps of Handwashing.

Activity: Class wise sessions


It is designed for Class Nur to XII. It is done at different intervals of time in a year. Basic health checkup, includes Dental and Checkup, Eyesight checkup general health checkup.


  1. It helps to identify risk factors and illness before they cause problems.
  2. It helps to prevent illness and its complications and also to make changes in the lifestyle for long term healthy life.

Life skills session

It is designed for classes IX to XII offers youth the emotional, social and intellectual tools needed to achieve success in life.


  1. It helps the students to build confidence in communication and collaborative skills.
  2. It provides them with the right developmental resources. Activity: Classwise sessions


It is designed for class VI - XII to raise awareness among the students about the value of healthy eating practices.


  1. It helps the students to understand the importance and role of a healthy diet in human life.
  2. They will be able to choose a balanced diet full of essential nutrients for development and function.
    • Activities:
    • Intercom speech
    • Personal diet counselings
    • Display board decoration
    • Healthy Dish Making

Mental Health week

It is designed for class VI to XII to raise awareness of mental health issues and to mobilizes efforts in support of mental health.


  1. It is filled with motivation.
  2. It helps to tackle stigma and help students to understand and prioritize their and others mental health.
  • Intercom speech
  • Personal Counselling
  • Display board decoration