Tours & Excursions / Educational Visits

  • 01 Dec 2023 Friday

    The nursery to Class 1 students embarked on an exciting trip to Hardy's World accompanied by their enthusiastic teachers. The day was filled with joy as the kids enjoyed delicious food, playful swings, thrilling rides, and adventurous slides. Laughter and fun echoed throughout, creating lasting memories for everyone.

  • 14 Nov 2023 Tuesday
  • 01 Oct 2023 Sunday

    ARYA SAMAJ SCHOOLS Delegation Explores Gujrat, Engages with Governor of Gujarat Acharya Dev Vrat ji at Raj Bhawan and Experiences Unique Attractions viz. Statue of Unity, Light and Sound Show, Glow Garden, Tent city, River rafting, Jungle Safari , Robotics Gallery and Aquatic Gallery etc.

  • 01 Oct 2023 Sunday

    Class 5 students recently visited KidZania to blend education with fun, gaining insights into diverse learning and cultural aspects. Enthusiastically participating in activities like firefighting, cooking, medical roles, and journalism, students found both entertainment and education, grasping responsibilities in various fields. Delhi Darshan further enriched their understanding of the capital city's rich history and diversity. In conclusion, the excursion seamlessly combined learning and enjoyment, fostering a love for experiential education and providing a holistic understanding of Delhis cultural and historical heritage.

  • 17 Aug 2023 Thursday

    BCM Arya School's Unveiling of the Universe @SrihariKota Space Centre In an epoch-making odyssey that has left the world gazing starry-eyed, the young luminaries of BCM Arya School, Shastri Nagar, Ludhiana, have scripted a celestial saga that shall forever shimmer in the tapestry of human achievement. A group of 38 enthusiastic students, accompanied by esteemed teachers, all guided by the visionary Principal Mrs. Anuja Kaushal and COO Dr. Kiran Saini ventured to the very abode of celestial innovation Satish Dhawan Space Centre-SDSC, The Primary space port of ISRO, located at Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh.. The young scholars indulged in insightful interactions with the brightest luminaries of ISRO that unveiled the intricate threads of space exploration. A journey into the heart of the Mission Control Centre (MCC) was a revelation — a vivid exposition of the intricacies behind satellite launches and deep-space explorations, sparking a fervour that would fuel their dreams. With fer

  • 14 Nov 2013 Thursday

    Visit to President House on occasion of Children's Day

  • 04 Oct 2010 Monday

    Visit to Kennedy Space Centre, Orlando