Adv. Tejinder Pal Singh

(NZIM from New Zealand and also Vice President of "HELP" org)

The aura and locales of B.C.M. Arya Model Sen. Sec. School beat the unbeatable. The school excels in academics wherein all modern techniques are used to shape the career of the child. Besides academics, it also excels in extracurricular activities and provides practical training for honing the skills of the children. In fact, the school assists every child's dream come true. Through an analytical, resourceful, and versatile approach, Preetgun Kaur (VI-F) has achieved a wider mental approach and come out with flying colours in sports as well. I personally feel that B.C.M. Arya Model Sen. Sec. School is the most coveted school in Ludhiana, meeting all 21st-century challenges.