What is POCSO?

The protection of children from sexual offences act (POCSO Act – 2012) was enacted to protect children from offences of sexual abuse, harassment and to provide child friendly system for trial of these offences.


To safeguard the interests of the learners, BCM ARYA MODEL Sr. Sec. School has set up the POCSO Committee (under the provisions of Prevention of Children from Sexual Offence Act 2012) on 22nd August 2017. The Committee works towards safeguarding the learners from the challenges they face in their formative years at school. The Committee takes up age-appropriate initiatives to create awareness about sexual exploitation and to ensure that all learners are aware of their rights and responsibilities towards themselves. Training sessions are conducted for the faculty and staff to recognize and report issues of abuse and neglect. Complaint Boxes are placed strategically at conspicuous places and checked regularly by the Committee members to address the complaints.

Through its awareness campaigns and programs, the Committee strives to ensure that all learners are treated with dignity and respect at all times. A series of Awareness programs and Special School assemblies are conducted in the School throughout the year. Age-appropriate videos are shown and self-defence sessions are also conducted as a part of the Awareness programs.

Our Policy

  • School Management, Teachers, and all employees of institution are aware about the provisions of the Act, which cast a duty on them to report instance of child abuse, as in Sections 19(I) and 21.
  • In- house induction sessions are held for all teachers to include a specific module on gender sensitization.
  • A harmonious school/classroom environment and inclusiveness is promoted.
  • The Committee takes up age appropriate initiatives to create awareness about sexual exploitation to ensure that all learners are aware of their rights.
  • Teachers attend workshops related to adolescent (gender) related issues, Adolescent Education Programmes (AEP) and special activities are conducted to promote gender equality and sensitivity.
  • Programmes are conducted for empowerment of students / sensitization of girls on health and sanitation issues. Karate/ self-defence training for students are conducted at regular intervals.
  • Programmes like folk dance, nukkad natak, poster competitions, quiz, debate, and exhibition are conducted to foster gender equality.
  • Regular counselling sessions of students are taken according to counselling calendar and need based counselling by filling up counselling slips.
  • Complaint / Suggestion box is provided outside School Reception and Psychology Lab so that students can make written complaints. Any complaint of sexual abuse, whether received through the drop box or otherwise is acted upon immediately.
  • CCTV cameras are available in school premises at all conspicuous places.
  • Close monitoring of academic performance and psychological behaviour is done by class teachers particularly in cases of sudden decline in performance due to lack of interest in studies.
  • The committee elects and appoints 15 student representatives as support group (Senior wing) who play the following roles:
  • Act as peer complaint mediators, with whom the students can discuss their issues
  • Participate in peer workshops and work with teachers towards a plan of action
  • Create peer facilitators within their own grades, who keep a track of any cases
  • Report and observe the misbehaviour of any student for possible abuse/issue
  • The disciplinary action will commensurate with the nature of the violation (students)
  • Child helpline (6239775863) and Employees Helpline (9815249467) displayed on notice board along with names of committee members designated to handle such cases. Centralised Child helpline number 1098 is popularised and displayed at prominent places in the schools.
  • Complaints are also registered online by sending email through bcmpocso@gmail.com .
  • The committee also holds monthly meetings to discuss the plan of actions, potential cases, queries and updates.



Name of Members

Official Position



Mrs. Anuja Kaushal




Mrs. Suchitra Mehta




Mrs. Navpreet Bhathal

School Psychologist / PGT – Psychology

Member Secretary


Mrs. Ravinder Kaur

Admin Incharge



Dr. Poonam Choudhary

Dr. Sonia Jethi

Medical Officers



Mr. Surinder

PGT- Physical Education



Ms. Vidushi Arora

(Head Girl)

Class XII Commerce

Student Member


Mr.  Bhargav Vinayak

(Head Boy)


Student Member


Copy of CBSE guidelines relating to POCSO is kept in Teacher Resource Centre (TRC) / Library for reference.