Road Safety Pledge Ludhiana

Yes! I pledge that I will follow Road Safety rules and will save lives on the road.

  • I ensure to follow all traffic rules.
  • I ensure to be a responsible driver/ pedestrian/ rider/ cyclist.
  • I ensure that I will not use cell phone while driving.
  • I ensure not to take drink or drugs and drive.
  • I will always be alert on the road while driving.
  • I will always put seat belt/ helmet while driving.
  • I ensure not to overtake, over speed or give into road rage and rash driving.
  • I ensure to cross the road only at zebra crossing.
  • I will follow all the road signals and sign boards.
  • I ensure about the fitness of my vehicle.
  • I will use indicators, mirrors and lights all the time.
  • I ensure to always give side to the ambulance.
  • I ensure to be a smart citizen of a smart city by following all the road safety rules and regulations.


I therefore pledge to observe road safety measures and rules every time. I hereby declare my commitment to the road safe Ludhiana pledge. I commit to share this message with everyone I know because every life is precious!