Origin & History

SWAMI DAYANAND JI SARASWATI, the visionary founder of the Arya Samaj Movement, firmly believed that education's primary goal is to cultivate human awareness, enabling individuals to discern truth from falsehood. To imbue knowledge with the essence of truth, the pioneers of Arya Samaj, Model Town, Ludhiana, led by Mahashay Sant Ram Sayal and his team embarked on a mission to establish a temple of learning for the new generation. This institution would provide holistic education grounded in the principles of Arya Samaj. In 1955, their aspirations took shape with the inauguration of Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyalaya within the premises of Arya Samaj, Model Town, Ludhiana. Later, Mahashay Sant Ram Sayal handed over the charge to his able successor Sh. Bal Mukund Munjal.

  • Mahashay Sant Ram Sayal
    Mahashay Sant Ram Sayal

  • Sh. Bal Mukund Munjal
    Sh. Bal Mukund Munjal

Building on the success of the Vidyalaya, these visionaries took another significant stride in 1976, founding an English medium school DAYANAND PUBLIC SCHOOL in Shastri Nagar, Ludhiana. Here, the Munjal family offered seed money for the construction of a new school block. Consequently, the school's name evolved from Dayanand Public school to BCM Arya Model Sr Sec School, symbolizing a blend of truth and knowledge.
  • Sh. Saroop Narain Bajaj
    Sh. Saroop Narain Bajaj
    Sh. Saroop Narain Bajaj, a philanthropist and industrialist, assumed the mantle as the first President of the school, steering the ship of knowledge towards a bright future.
  • Sh. Mohinder Pal Sayal
    Sh. Mohinder Pal Sayal
    Following his tenure, an illustrious freedom fighter Sh. Mohinder Pal Sayal carried the legacy forward as the subsequent school president. His involvement in India's freedom struggle, with participation in the Quit India Movement in 1940 and individual Satyagraha in 1942, exemplified his commitment for an independent India. Additionally, he had also played a crucial role in securing the land for the present location of BCM Arya from the improvement trust in Ludhiana in 1975.
  • Sh. Satyanand Munjal
    Sh. Satyanand Munjal
    After the demise of Sh Mohinder Pal Sayal, in 1997 Sh. Satyanand Munjal took the reins, ushering the school into a new era of growth until his passing in April 2016.
  • Sh. Rajinder Pal Sayal
    Sh. Rajinder Pal Sayal
    Thereafter, under the able presidentship of Sh. Rajinder Pal Sayal, another distinguished freedom fighter and patriot, the institution leaped towards global prominence.
  • Sh. Suresh Munjal
    Sh. Suresh Munjal
    Following his term, Sh. Suresh Munjal, the subsequent president, remained in the office for two years.
  • Sh. Rakesh Jain
    Sh. Rakesh Jain
    Presently, Sh. Rakesh Jain, a philanthropist, visionary, and dedicated social worker, leads the school as its president. Driven by his passion for providing the best technological advancements to students, the school thrives, integrating modern teaching methodologies with state-of-the-art facilities.