List of Awards (Students)

  1. Awards for Overall Best Students (Nur. to X)
  2. Overall First, Second and Third position in Class XI-Class XII
  3. Subject wise toppers of Class XII
  4. Prizes for outstanding ranks in various Entrance Examinations
  5. Best Speaker (English and Hindi)
  6. Best Sports Person (Boy/Girl)
  7. Best Cadet (Senior and Junior Category)
  8. Best Artist
  9. Best Dancer
  10. Best Singer
  11. Best Musician
  12. Best in Craft and Home Science
  13. Best in Science
  14. Maths Wizard
  15. Recipient of maximum number of Merit Cards, 100% Attendance
  16. Histrionics Skill Award
  17. Avid Reader Award
  18. Principal's Award