BCM aims to inculcate the feelings of love, respect and protect the Planet Earth. Its Vision is that BCMitis should understand the Environmental issues and challenges, and to create a sense of responsibility, among younger generation to preserve the natural gifts and resources given by Almighty. The growing need to develop feelings and sensitize students is the need of an hour. The mission will always lead ahead and We as BCM family will keep giving our contribution to 'Protect Mother Earth'.

Mrs. Anuja Kaushal

Message from Environmental Manager

Nature is the beautiful gift from Almighty to mankind. The green projects are being planned to develop closeness to Mother Nature. 'Environment is the doorway to all the subjects'. To give the first hand experience 'Beyond the classroom' 'Beyond the books make students Environment friendly, and provide rich experience.' Bringing a positive attitude in the minds of the individual is difficult and We have started an effort,it gives us satisfaction that the message inculcated in their minds and souls, slowly, is enlightening the community. We will try our best to develop a change in people's minds, along with their actions.

Mrs. Vipra Kale
Environmental Manager