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Cambridge LKG Registration (2020-21)


    -To be attached in the following order only:
  1. Birth Certificate (Issued by Municipal Corporation)
  2. In case of First Born Child, a self declaration duly signed affirming that the child seeking admission is your First Born Child. CLICK FOR THE FORM
  3. Residence Proof
    • Voter ID Card/Passport/Driving License/ Aadhaar Card
    • If living in rented accommodation: Bank Pass Book/Recent Utility Bill (Gas Connection or Phone)/ Registered Rent Deed.
    • Print out of Google map reflecting distance of the applicant's residence from BCM Arya School.
  4. Highest Qualification Proof of Father & Mother (Degree or Diploma Certificate/ Final Year Mark List)
    • In case of Diploma with degree, attach copy of both Degree and Diploma Certificate with proof of the duration of the Diploma.
    • In case of single parent, only the qualification of the parent who has the custody of the child to be filled.
    • Sports Achievement Certificate (If Any)- International/National (Govt. Approved only)
  5. Aadhaar Card Number of the child (If just applied, mention Enrolment No.)
  6. Alumni Proof, if any (X /XII Certificate issued by CBSE)
  7. Name Change proof of Father/ Mother (If the name given in the qualification certificates does not match with that mentioned on D.O.B. of the child.)
    • In case of change in Surname - Registered Marriage Certificate / Copy of Passport
      Any proof having the name of child's Father/mother with new surname along with their Father's /Mother's name
      Father - Suresh Chopra
      Mother- Priya Chopra (Before Marriage Priya Khanna D/o Ramesh Khanna) Any relevant document With Name Priya Chopra D/o Ramesh Khanna
    • In case of change in First name/Absence of any Relevant supporting proof - Affidavit duly attested by Executive Magistrate ONLY.
  8. In case of an adopted child, a copy of the adoption deed will have to be furnished.
  9. In case of Single parent- a relevant legal document.
    (Divorce Decree/Legal Separation Document/Death Certificate of spouse.)

  10. Note: The Child should accompany the parents during submission of documents for short Entrance Test

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