The IPA Abacus Program

The IPA Abacus Program is a whole Brain Development program. The Human brain consists of two parts, the Right Brain and The Left Brain. The IPA Abacus program focuses on developing the Right Brain, which is the Intuitive, Imaginative and Creative brain also referred to as the Seat of Intelligence. 95% of the world is left brained since the left brain develops by itself. The Right Brain, on the other hand must be developed through conscious effort.
Since the Left Brain controls the right side of the human body and vice-versa, and it (Left Brain) develops by itself more than the Right Brain, that's the reason why most humans use their right hand and generally the right side of the body is stronger than the left. The interconnections of the cells in the right brain are generally far less than the left brain which again is why we are not able to use our left side of the body as efficiently as the right side of it.
The IPA Abacus program is mind hand coordination program which helps to trigger the brain cells of the children in their Right and Left brain, more importantly so in the Right Brain which is the focus of our Program. The human Brain is 50% developed by the time a child is 4 years old, and is 99% developed by the time reaches the age 14. So this program is ONLY EFFECTIVE if the child takes this program BEFORE he/she crosses the age of 12 YEARS. It is ONLY during these years that the brain cells have the capacity to activate. The IPA program helps to achieve this activation of brain cells which is reflected in the dramatic increase in the child's skills like LISTENING, CONCENTRATION, MEMORY, IMAGINATION, SPEED, ACCURACY OF CALCULATION, RETENTION, RECALL, LOGICAL & ANYLATICAL ABILITIES, COMPREHENSION, CREATIVITY AND CONFIDENCE.
Enhanced skills, as mentioned above, help the child to perform well acdemically and in other activities as well including sports, extra curricular activities. These skills, like any other skill, will always remain with the child, once he masters them. After the completion of the course, if the child does not practice these skills for many years, still they will be retained by him and will come back to him even after a gap of 10 or more years with a little practice. These skills, once developed, will be especially useful to the child when he sits for his Board Exams and Other COMPETATIVE EXAMS AFTER CLASS XII.
Thus, these are fundamental skills which each child can develop irrespective of his academic performance, and are the most vital skills which will help the child throughout his life and will be instrumental in the child's success in life.
The IPA Abacus Program is thus the best investment that the parents can make to ensure their child's bright future. It will further save a lot of time and effort of parents & children and reduce academic pressure on the children. This is therefore a stress buster program for the children.

The IPA Abacus program is divided into two streams as follows:-

For children aged 5 to 7+ years For Children aged 8 to 12+ years

The Children have to attend one class per week of two hours and have to practice DAILY for 15 Minutes at home. REGULARITY to class is a MUST for success of the program. Since the child has to attend only one class in a week, the program does not burden the children or parents at all. On the other hand, the benefits of the program are immense once the child successfully completes the program and has developed his skills.