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Dear Parents,

Kindly adhere to the following Instructions charges of the Transportation for the Session (2017-18):

  1. Transportation charges for school buses or private buses on school duty, are to be  paid  through the school bank(IndusInd) only. Any sort of payment(monthly/annual) directly to the driver is not permitted.

  2. To deposit  Transportation Charges, you need to know the transportation details of your ward e.g. name of transporter, driver’s name, phone no., bus no.  etc.

  3. There will be a separate ‘Transport Charges booklet’ available in the school bank. Fill all the required information in that slip and deposit transport charges.

  4. Kindly note the transportation charges are not to be paid along with the  school fee.

  5. Kindly fill the correct information related to transportation hired for your ward in the slip provided by the Class teacher for School Data  to avoid any inconvenience.

  6. School shall not be held responsible for any undesirable consequences due to any incorrect information.

Y Autos have been strictly banned by the Hon’ble High Court of Punjab & Haryana. Do not send your ward in auto as auto-rickshaw drivers will not be permitted inside the school premises

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