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Instructions to be followed by the parents:

1.            Always reach at your pick up point and drop point 5 minutes before the given time.

2.            Guide your child to board the bus in queue.

3.            Tell your child not to stand while the bus is moving, he/she may get hurt.

4.            The child and parents both must know the bus number and the name of the driver and Transporter.

5.            In case, your child complaints you about the behaviour of the driver or conductor, listen it carefully. If it is something serious bring it into the notice of the School Transport Authority.

6.            Teach safety rules to your child.

7.            Before you select a bus for your child, Ask the driver to show his driving license. Check the bus from inside it should be fitted with CCTV camera, speed governor.

8.            Tell the Owner of the bus to show you the necessary documents of the bus e.g. school permit, Fitness certificate, Insurance, Tax Receipt, Pollution certificate, R.C etc.

9.            The bus will not wait for the late comers. If you are late at the stop then you have to drop your child yourself.

10.         In case, you have any query regarding school transport feel free to contact the school transport authority.

11.         In case, there is any change in your address or phone number, please inform the Class Teacher and Transport Department

12.         In case, you change the transport of your child, do inform the new number of the vehicle and name and phone number of the driver to the Class Incharge and Transport Department.

                Guidelines  for Parents who drop their children  themselves

1.            Do not park your vehicle in front of the school gate.
2.            Do not fight/argue with the security guard on the gate (Meet the school authorities in case                 of  any complaint

Instructions for Rainy Day

                On a rainy day, all the walkers will be allowed to enter from gate no.1,2 & 3 only.


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