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Dear Parents,

Before hiring Transportation for your child, take care of the following norms:-

Safety norms of a bus as per orders of Hon’ble High court.

1.            "School Bus" must be written on the back and front of the Bus.

2.            If it is a hired bus, "On School Duty" should be clearly indicated.

3.            Bus must have a First-Aid-Box.

4.            The windows of the Bus must be fitted with horizontal grills.

5.            There must be a Fire Extinguisher in the Bus.

6.            School Name and Telephone No. must be written on the Bus.

7.            The doors of the Bus should be fitted with reliable locks.

8.            School bus should be fitted with speed governors with maximum speed limit of 40 kmph.

9.            The body of school bus shall be  yellow in colour.

10.         If age of school children is below 12 years, the number of children carried shall not exceed 1½ times the permitted seating capacity. Children above 12 years shall be treated as one person.

11.         The driver of a school bus must have a valid licence to drive HMV-Transport Vehicles.

12.         The driver and attendant of the bus shall wear uniform. His name ID shall  be displayed on the shirt.

13.         Female attendant is compulsory  for every bus.

14.         The bus driver must carry a complete list of the children being ferried in the school bus, indicating the name, class, residential address, blood group and the points of stoppage, route plan, etc. Log book in each bus is mandatory where conductor will mark attendance of the child.

15.         In case of kindergarten, if an authorized person recognized mutually by the school and parents, does not come to pick the child from the halting points then, the child will be taken back to the school and their parents would be called.

16.         Don’t send your child in overloaded bus. Hire another bus.

17.         Sending children in autos and white magic is strictly against the rules of Hon’ble High court and school.

18.         Driver should drop and take the child from the school premises only. If the driver drops your child outside the school on the road, do inform us. Don’t send your child in such buses.

19.         If the driver brings his personal vehicle other than the school bus to pick or drop your child, please don’t send your child. Immediately inform the authorities.




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