Mon Jul 23, 2018 |

The Globe Programme

  • The Globe Programme is an international project which is supported by Ministry of Environment Forests, Public affairs of American Embassy. It was introduced by U.S.President Algore in April 1994. The President of The Globe Programme in Asia Pacific Region is Dr. Deshbandhu. The programme works on Environment awareness among students and Hands on activity on Soil, Hydrology, Land, and atmosphere.
  • The Globe Programme has provided Environment Educational tool kit which the students use during research work.
  • Students of Globe Progremme related to team 'SOIL' studied and experimented on different layers of soil using global tools for the purpose.They observed the colour, texture and temperature of different layers of soil.
  • To make the students familiar with the changes in weather and environment, the students of Globe Programme - Atmosphere designed the 'Weather Report' Display Board. Everyday Maximm and Minimum temperature is displayed on this Board.
  • 5 BCM Aryans alongwith Env. Manager attended (Global Learning and Observation to Benefit the Environment). International Globe Science festival was held at New Delhi 2012. It was the first festival held in Asia Pacific Region organized by Indian Environmental Society, Public affairs section, U.S. Embassy & Ministry of Environment and forests. It was an excellent platform for awareness of the Environment issues on Soil, Water, Atmosphere, Protocols. The students interacted with Thailand, Nepal, USA and national level team from Udaipur, Andhra Pradesh and Delhi.
  • On the occassion of earth day , Rishab Jain of IX A got prize from Dr. Deshbandhu (President of Indian Environment Society). He got fifth position in Globe Science Olympiad Examination