Mon Jul 23, 2018 |

Ocean Savers of India (OSI)

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The Ocean Savers of India is an organization started under aegis of the Indian Maritime Foundation that works towards awareness about the marine environment in today's generation. It aims in imparting a sense of love and respect towards the oceans in the minds of the public. OSI strives to achieve its goals by organizing interactive events like workshops, excursion and regular seminars & cleanups.

The event was inaugurated by Mrs. Rachna Malhotra (Senior Supervisor). Introductory speech of success was given by Environment Manager Mrs. Vipra. Later on Power Point Presentation was given by Rajas (Vice Secretary) on Indian Navy. The comparing was conducted by Yashavi & Sakshi.

The programme encouraged other members also to work on Save and Protect Ocean.
  • The OSI team was shown documentaries on 'Rivers of Pune Gleaming or Glooming' (Depicting the flight of our rivers). Antartic thin Ice on 21st April 2012 the 'clean up of Bank Sutlej' was conducted. The OSI team members along with Environment Manager took an initiative with rubber gloves masks, sticks in hand team was grouped under the volunteer of RBS roots to start the clean up process. They were given an Data card and told to collect & number the non degradable items collected. It paired the team to view the collection of polybags, plastic, glass frames, clothes, religious rituals etc. they had signature campaign and sang slogan carrying placards, 'Rivers are not dumping grounds.' Stop throwing please.
  • Panj Pani Project :- Project Panjpani save the rivers of Punjab was conducted with joint effort of RBS Roots (local NGO), The team of 50 GSP students made a human wall on Sutlej Bridge Ladowal NH - 1 and spread the message 'Not to throw polybags, waste, glass pieces in river water.' Save the rivers. The students performed Signature campaign, played musical instruments, drawing and painting on the bridge. This project gave a strong message to community with pride.